Changing Your Mind is Not Failing

If I tried to list all the jobs that I’ve had so far, and how many different colleges I’ve attended and degrees I pursued, well then, this blog wouldn’t be much more than a ridiculously long and boring list. I was known in my family for “changing my mind like the wind”. Each job, new school, or new business idea was always met with so much of my energy and enthusiasm, I didn’t go into anything thinking I would fail or chose to quit. But inevitably enough there would be a point at which I would feel that I’ve made a bad decision and I would want to do something else. I recognized that the more I changed my path the more I was looked at as a quitter or that girl that won’t stick to something.

I’m sure many people are in jobs that don’t allow them to be their most creative self. I was terrified of being trapped in a job for thirty years and then die ….and that was it.

Some may say you quit or fail when you try something that doesn’t work out, but I say you WIN by not Settling or trying something new. I say changing your mind is a sign of a healthy human being. My advice to those who are in a job that doesn’t bring them joy or allow them to create in some way, look for something else to do.

The day that I put my dad into the ground I realized that this life is short. We should “always have goals before you”, says my Popa, and work hard at what you love when you find what you love. I’m still on my journey searching for my perfect fit. I’ve owned my own marketing and design firm for almost two years. I find joy in creating for other people, I love having a team to be there for and support, but as always I am still searching for more. This blog is more for me to have a bit of release that’s not related to my agency. While I’m not changing jobs anymore I still change my mind. I’m sure this blog will be all over the place with no concise or consistent content. Sorry. It’s for me.


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